Everytrade Manchester

  • Skills Needed:
    Branding, Design, Website Design, Website Development, Responsive, Van Livery, Advert Design
  • Client:
    Everytrade Manchester
  • Project URL:

Everytrade Manchester are on a mission is to provide the best Plumbers, Electricians, Roofers and Multi-Skilled Tradesmen at realistic & affordable rates.

Formerly known as  our clients TDG Contracts, we were given the task of re-branding the business and developing a very specific website to assist their clients.

The website design takes inspiration from apps with each of their offerings assigned an icon and gateway to a landing page. When used on the dedicated mobile site we developed the icons take the form of clickable buttons which instantly make a call, making Everytrade an emergency service with no fuss and instant help.

A number of other features such as the ‘Everytrade University’ and ‘Estimator Live’ were all treated as mini-projects with bespoke icons and graphics designed.

The fleet of existing vans and some new vehicles have all had a makeover with new livery designed and rolled out to make them standout when on site.

Press adverts and internal design complemented this highly successful re-branding project.


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