Tenant Protect

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    Branding, Design for print, Signage, Installation, Large Format Print, Printing
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    Tenant Protect
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Based in the Wirral, Tenant Protect are a law firm who act on behalf of clients that have not had their deposit looked after in the correct manner.

Our brief was simple, create a strong brand identity with mass market appeal that would work on the high street, and then design, print and install a full suite of marketing collateral  and signage to launch their first store.

In addition to the design we also provided copywriting, catchy and obvious slogans were employed with money orientated images to heighten the message and drive footfall in-store.

The end result was universally approved from the very first presentation to the client, they went on to provide the following glowing testimonial;

“I am putting together this testimonial firstly to thank Daniel for the work he has done for us but also to give other potential customers an idea of what you can expect when you instruct Devote Associates Ltd.

I have had previous dealings with design and print businesses and I have always felt that what they provided to me was at best functional.  They did a job of work that we had agreed on and I had gone away feeling not too dissatisfied.

My experience of dealing with Daniel at Devote Associates Ltd could not have been more different.

From my first meeting with Daniel I felt that he was comfortable challenging me about what I thought it was I wanted from him.  He made me think very hard about what my business would actually need as regards design.  This was difficult for me because I was not really sure what it was I wanted.

The best way to describe what Daniel did for my organisation is to say that it was like he had been able to get inside my head and see the design I wanted through my eyes.  Even though I could not explain to Daniel exactly what it was I wanted, what I ended up with through Daniel’s expertise was exactly what I would have wanted.  He was able to take all my divergent thoughts and turn them into a design that is exactly right for us.

The service provided by Devote Associates Ltd was out of the top drawer.  The pressure was kept on to move the project forward without it feeling too overbearing.  At the end of the project there was real time pressure of my doing and Daniel was able to meet our requirements.  We opened up on the planned for day.  Daniel was on site for the whole installation process and just his sensible and experienced ideas helped iron out any wrinkles in my plans.

As far as pricing is concerned, the whole project came in at the agreed budget.  I think the fees charged by Devote Associates were very reasonable.  Rather than the price being the main issue, I would rather say that the value that Daniel has added to our business is immeasurable.

Without a shadow of a doubt I would (and will) use Daniel and Devote Associates Ltd going forward and would recommend them to any other business.”


Duncan Meehan, Tenant Protect Limited




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